Music Radar, Oct 2012 - Active A/B-Y

A full review of the product can be read here

Guitarist Choice Review, Feb 2012 - S21 Overdrive
"Verdict - The S21 is every bit as 'boutique' as anything else out there in terms of tone and build. Versatile and good value, it's a brilliant, professional-grade all-round overdrive."

Total Guitar Review, Winter 2011 - S21 Overdrive

"This UK-based company is gaining a reputation for its' line of pedals. We are impressed with the sound of the overdrives, which take you from a smooth clipping to a thicker blues sound.  It is an overdrive rather than a  distortion...


Guitar & Bass Magazine, Dec 2011 - S21 Overdrive

"The TwinStomp S21 Overdrive is about as sturdy as they come, sounds fantastic... and should be  just about the most useful pedal a rock/blues player could buy. One last thing... it's made in Britain, so you can fly the flag with pride as you blow out a few eardrums with a big smile all over your face."

Guitar & Bass Magazine, Aug 2011 - S21 Overdrive

"The green channel...  it's blues and classic rock heaven... hit the red channel and your solos will sing with a tone that'll have angels weeping in their clouds... a top class box - Fantastic - 91%"

Guitar & Bass Magazine, Summer 2009 - Booster

"....this mosfet powered double booster could provide the magic you need"

Performing Musician, March 2008 - Booster
The TwinStomp Booster is featured was reviewed by Bob Thomas, who gave us a great write up and rightly said that the TwinStomp Booster currently has  no competition. However some comments about the case construction were  incorrect and the following additional article was published in Performing Musician, April 2008.


"Much as we loved the TwinStomp MOSFET boost pedal reviewed in the March  issue, I daresay we'd have loved it even more if we'd fully appreciated  the unique features of its casing. Far from being silver painted  as we suggested, the pedal's rugged industrial look casing is, apparently, made from non-magnetic stainless steel by a UK company using the Lost Wax Process (a method also used to make bronze sculptures). With this process, what you see is what is cast, so the lettering of the logo and all legending is cast in the foundry and the external finish is bead blasted washed and buffed, rather than painted, so it won't become scratched or worn with use. The zinc alloy material typically used to make conventional die-cast pedal enclosures would not be strong enough to allow the unique design of the  outrigger-feet that permit the TwinStomp to be directly secured to a pedalboard, further endorsing the choice of steel for the impressively weighted enclosure."



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Best Effects Pedal 2008

Guitar & Bass Magazine

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Premier Guitar Magazine

August 2008

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Twinstomp Active A/B-Y

Guitar & Bass Magazine

June 2009

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Oct 2008

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