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We will be demonstrating all our unique pedals at the

Bristol Guitar Show on 14th April 2024.

Adam and Clive will be on site.

We will also be selling a range of professional guitar leads at the show, including our Neutrik SilentPlug leads.

Don't miss the special SHOW OFFER PRICES!

Our products can still be purchased directly on this website or by telephoning +44(0)1746 780984 during normal working hours. Some products are available on our e-bay site at show offer prices.


We only have a small amount of stock now and when this is sold we will be manufacturing to special custom order only.

For those customers who want Neutrik quality guitar leads as previously seen at shows please give us a ring as we are still able to supply.

If you are a gigging guitarist using any of our products and would like to be listed on our users page, please contact us.

Tim Daley, a professional guitarist from Shrewsbury, is one of our customers and has added reviews of our products to his Youtube site.

Search YouTube Tim Daley Blues Guitar for high quality reviews of four of our products.

For owners requiring servicing or spares please contact by phone or e-mail.







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