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Guitarist Choice Review, Feb 2012 - S21 Overdrive

"Verdict - The S21 is every bit as 'boutique' as anything else out there in terms of tone and build. Versatile and good value, it's a brilliant, professional-grade all-round overdrive."

Total Guitar Review, Winter 2011 - S21 Overdrive

"This UK-based company is gaining a reputation for its' line of pedals. We are impressed with the sound of the overdrives, which take you from a smooth clipping to a thicker blues sound.  It is an overdrive rather than a  distortion...


Guitar & Bass Magazine, Dec 2011 - S21 Overdrive

"The TwinStomp S21 Overdrive is about as sturdy as they come, sounds fantastic... and should be  just about the most useful pedal a rock/blues player could buy. One last thing... it's made in Britain, so you can fly the flag with pride as you blow out a few eardrums with a big smile all over your face."

Guitar & Bass Magazine, Aug 2011 - S21 Overdrive

"The green channel...  it's blues and classic rock heaven... hit the red channel and your solos will sing with a tone that'll have angels weeping in their clouds... a top class box - Fantastic - 91%"

Guitar & Bass Magazine, Summer 2009 - Booster

"....this mosfet powered double booster could provide the magic you need"




Twinstomp Booster

Best Effects Pedal 2008

Guitar & Bass Magazine

Twinstomp Active A/B-Y

Guitar & Bass Magazine

June 2009


Music Radar, Oct 2012 - Active A/B-Y MkII

A full review of the product can be read here

Music Radar, Feb 2008 - Booster

A full review of the product can be read here

Music Radar, Dec 2011 - S21 Overdrive
A full review of the product can be read here

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